Loaded Nachos

Few things beat a delicious plate of loaded vegan nachos. They are crunchy, indulgent and offer an explosion of flavor. Loaded nachos make a great dish to share as a family meal or at large gatherings.

To really hit the spot, these tortilla chips are topped with creamy vegan cheese sauce, seasoned black beans, crumbled meat, salsa, pickled jalapeños, red onion, green onion, cilantro and lime. The various components work together to create a layered dish that is anything but one note. The best part is, for as decadent and as rich as this dish tastes, it is surprisingly low in fat and calories.

Making The Perfect Plate Of Loaded Vegan Nachos

With about 70% of the dish already ready-made, preparing a plate of loaded vegan nachos is easy. You’ll just have to make two components: First, make this creamy cheese sauce made with a butternut squash base. Secondly, prepare a crumbled vegan meat seasoned with your favorite blend of spices.

From there, build layers of flavor with the toppings – scooping generous heapings of the delectable cheese sauce. Build layers in the following way: tortilla chips, black beans, crumbled meat, salsa, pickled jalapeños, red onions, green onions, cilantro, vegan cheese sauce and a squeeze of lime on top.

plate of loaded cheesy vegan nachos with crumbled meat black beans salsa and lime
Creamy vegan nachos loaded with an abundance of toppings.

Try selecting tortilla chips made from interesting flours like cassava, flax seed or quinoa to sneak in a bunch of nutrients under the tasty toppings.

Looking for ways to add variety to this dish? Switch out the black beans for kidney beans, smashed chickpeas or pinto beans. Another easy way to change it up is by using other types of vegan “meats”, such as chicken strips or shredded jackfruit.

There are so many ways to change the flavor profile, this meal never gets boring! Leave a comment below if you make a plate of these delicious loaded vegan nachos.

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Did You Make This Recipe?

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