Kale & Peanut Stew

A satisfying lunch or dinner has to meet a few criteria. It’s got to have a grain component, fresh veggies, and a good sauce. This kale and peanut stew checks all the boxes.

It’s savory with a bit of heat and a little sweet. Pineapple, peanut and kale come together for an explosion of flavor all served over a light and fluffy bed of couscous.

Savory Peanut & Kale Stew

Peanut, pineapple and kale might not sound like an obvious flavor combination, but that’s what cooking’s about – exploring new and exciting flavor profiles.

This dish was first served to me at a restaurant that adapted the recipe from the cooking cult favorite, Moosewood Restaurant Cooks At Home. The flavors impressed me the at first bite and continue to make an impact each time.

Peanut kale pineapple african stew recipe on a white plate and garnished with green onions.
Peanut, kale & pineapple make a tasty and unexpected flavor combination.

I’ve made this dish many times and this version includes my preferred way of preparation. It’s filling, creamy, nutty and just too good to not try!

If you have a nut allergy use an alternative nut butter instead of peanut butter – it will work just as well. And while we’re on the topic of switching things up, you can use swiss chard or spinach instead of kale and sriracha or another type of hot sauce in lieu of Tabasco.

When it comes to canned pineapple, rings have the juiciest flavor. Adding the right amount of sweetness to the dish.

Made with a simple combination of peanut butter, kale and pineapple, this nourishing, satisfying and tasty stew cooks quickly. Making it an easy meal option on a weeknight or lazy weekend. With so many reasons to try it, I hope you make it for your next dinner.

[mv_create key=”15″ type=”recipe” title=”Peanut & Kale Stew” thumbnail=”https://atomic-temporary-188033281.wpcomstaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Peanut-Kale-Vegan-Stew-Over-Couscous-2693570050-1614537176358.jpg”%5D

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