Cherry Bakewells

Cherry bakewells are a traditional baked English dessert made with a buttery shortbread crust, spread with a layer of jam, covered with a ground almond filling and topped with a layer of icing and a glacè cherry.

If you think it sounds tasty, you’re not wrong. It’s perfectly moist, soft and crumbly and great when you’re craving something sweet that isn’t chocolate based.

How To Make Vegan Cherry Bakewells

Delectable cherry bakewells start with a smooth buttery pastry crust. The easiest way to mix the dough is with a stand mixer but you can definitely do it by hand if you don’t have one.

To get the right texture, you’ll need flour, vegan butter, confectioner’s sugar and egg replacer. After mixing, the dough comes together easily to form large moist crumbs.

Turn the dough out onto a floured surface. You’ll notice that the pastry become melty and soft after handling, so I recommend refrigerating the dough until you’re ready to shape the tartlets.

Try experimenting with a variety of fruit jams in the filling. Cherry and raspberry, and strawberry are favorite flavors.

To make the almond filling, beat the vegan butter until light and creamy. Add the almond paste and sugar and whip until it becomes smooth and creamy. Slowly add water and mix until smooth. Fold in the cake flour and blend until there are no lumps.

Stack of homemade cherry bakewell tarts with a bite taken out of one.
Delectable cherry bakewells are soft, jammy and buttery.

When ready to assemble the cherry bakewells, form the pastry into tart shells. Spoon a layer of jam on the bottom and then pour the almond filling until it reaches the top of the shell. Next, bake until the edges become lightly browned and the filling has set (around 16-20 minutes).

When the bakewells reach room temperature, whip up the icing and spread a thin layer over the bakewell. Top with a halved maraschino cherry and enjoy!

Making cherry bakewell tartlets take a little bit of preparation but they are worth the effort. Give it a try and let me know how you liked it.

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