Purple Potato Mash

When wandering around the grocery store, you may have noticed a little curious variety of potato called Stokes Purple. It has an intriguing purple exterior and bright purple flesh inside.

If you’re exactly how to cook with it, I’ve got a simple recipe for purple potato mash that’s a little bit savory and a little bit sweet. My preparation is inspired by ube, a purple yam that’s a staple in Filipino cuisine, but very hard to find in the United States.

Why Use Purple Potatoes?

Stokes Purple potatoes aren’t just eye-catching. They also have a nutrients not present in white potatoes. These purple tubers are high in fiber, contain vitamin C and are packed with antioxidants that lend the bright purple hue.

When compared to other potato varieties, the taste is slightly floral and mildly sweet. Making it the perfect ingredient for pies, soups, baked chips and both sweet and savory dishes.

So, It’s Not Ube?

Before we go into the recipe, I want to dispel any misconceptions that might be out there regarding ube. There is a lot of confusion as to whether Stokes Purple is ube, and the answer is: it’s not. Fresh ube is almost impossible to find in the United States (I use the word “almost,” because I’ve only seen it grown by someone that brought it into the country from the Philippines).

In contrast to Stokes Purple potatoes, ube has brown bark-like skin and flesh that’s white with purple speckles. These flecks of color range from magenta to lilac. While you might not be able to cook the real thing, you can buy ube extract and ube halaya, a creamy jam, in Asian food markets.

How To Make Purple Potato Mash

To make the purple sweet potato mash you’ll need 3 potatoes. Start by peeling the skin and then cubing the potatoes into chunks. Get a pot and fill it with water. Salt the water and place on high heat. When the water starts to boil, add the potatoes to the pot.

After the potatoes have cooked for around 10 minutes, strain the potato cubes out of the bright purple water. Return it to the pot and start to mash the cubes using a potato masher. Next, in no particular order, add all the other ingredients and mix until everything is combined.

Cook Stokes Purple potatoes until they are just soft. Overcooking them can result in a mushy texture.

These sweet purple potatoes are creamy and rich, with hints of sweetness and slight coconut flavors. They’re delicious accompanying Pan Roasted Asparagus and Deviled Potatoes for a colorful and bright Spring meal. If you make this recipe, leave a review below and don’t forget to tag @PlantBasedDogGuy on Instagram.

[mv_create key=”25″ type=”recipe” title=”Purple Sweet Potato Mash” thumbnail=”https://atomic-temporary-188033281.wpcomstaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Purple-Stokes-Mashed-Potatoes-2200183740-1617066284744.jpg”%5D

Did You Make This Recipe?

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