Honey Tempura Shrimp

This vegan honey tempura shrimp is a jazzed up seafood dish that’s elegant and tastes like you ordered it at a 5-star restaurant. It’s perfect for introducing friends and family to the versatility of vegan cuisine.

Bite into vegan shrimp enveloped in a crispy tempura batter. It’s tossed in a smooth creamy sauce accented and with candied pecans for a knock-out flavor profile.

How To Make Vegan Honey Tempura Shrimp

The magic starts with candying small morsels of pecan nuts, or any other nut of choice. To do this, simply place a saucepan on high heat and add the nuts, sugar and water to the pan. Let the mixture come to a quick boil and simmer for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, move the candied nuts immediately off heat and spread them out on parchment paper to dry out. This makes sure they don’t clump together.

Next, move on to making the deliciously creamy sauce. In a bowl, whisk vegan mayonnaise, agave, condensed coconut milk and sweet chili sauce until it comes together in a cohesive mixture. Set aside for later.

How To Make Fluffy Tempura Batter

To make the fluffy, airy batter, mix the following dry ingredients in a bowl: corn starch, all-purpose flour, rice flour and baking powder. At this time, start preparing the fryer by pouring 1″ of oil into a pot with high sides. Place on medium-high heat and let it get hot (to around 350°F).

Choose a frying oil with a high smoke point. Great options are: vegetable oil, grape seed oil and avocado oil.

When the oil is at the right temperature, add the sparkling water to the batter ingredients and mix until no lumps are formed. To prepare and fry the shrimp, evenly coat the thawed vegan shrimp in the batter and place in the hot oil. Fry the shrimp until crispy (the color of the tempura doesn’t matter as tempura is sometimes light colored). When cooked, place the shrimp on a paper towel and then toss in the decadent cream sauce. For the finishing touch, garnish with the candied nuts and finely chopped scallions.

Vegan honey tempura shrimp is best enjoyed immediately, so serve with your best fluffy rice and Hoisin Glazed Eggplant for a delicious dinner. If you like this recipe, subscribe to receive recipes in your inbox, leave a rating below and don’t forget to tag @PlantBasedProvisions on Instagram!

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